2015 Workshops

Spirit of Structure: Alabama Revisited

January 18 – 23, 2015 Alabama Class Size: 15 Tuition: $1500 Register by downloading our Workshop Application (PDF) or contact us.

This is our third year photographing in northcentral Alabama. Our purpose is threefold: exploring Alabama’s industrial and agricultural past, looking for the stories behind the structures and recording the changes as the ubiquitous Main Street is reinvented with new purpose and function. We have added new locations in Decatur and have made slight changes to our schedule photographing at the Sloss Furnaces.

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Portfolio Weekend

March 6 – 8, 2015 Camden, Maine Class Size: 8 Tuition: $500 Register by downloading our Workshop Application (PDF) or contact us.

Join me for a weekend of portfolio reviews with a small group of dynamic and dedicated photographers. Use this opportunity to refine your portfolio, (whether for exhibition, publication or website) and to chart the direction of a project as well as your continuing growth as a photographer.

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Seeing Cuba: Discovering the Culture and People of Cuba

March 17 – 25, 2015 Havana Class Size: 14 Tuition: $4275 per person, double occupancy (airfare not included) Registration through the Santa Fe Workshops

This unique program offers each participant unparalleled access to the inhabitants and culture of Cuba alongside Cuban photographers. In alliance with Cuba’s premier photographic organization, Fototeca de Cuba, and its Director Nelson Ramírez, participants will learn about Cuba's long and colorful history and engage directly with Cubans from all walks of life. Two, English-speaking, Cuban photographers who live in Havana will serve as your local hosts and translators for this program.

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Spirit of Structure: Delaware Water Gap Federal Recreation Area

April 12 – 17, 2015 Milford, PA Class Size: 15 Instructors: Tillman Crane and Andy Schmitt Tuition: $1500 To register download a workshop application (PDF) or contact us.

This workshop will focus on the landscape and geography of the Delaware Water Gap Federal Recreation Area. We will be based in Milford (PA), a beautiful small town on the north end of the DWGFRA. We will explore the natural beauty of the park including the river itself, Dingman and Raymondskill Falls and Tillman’s Ravine. We will definitely visit some of the preserved and restored historically significant buildings such as Van Campen’s Inn, the Marie Zimmerman Farm, Metz Ice Plant and Millbrook Village. There are a number of remaining farm houses and barns, most closed, many in disrepair, that we will be able to photograph only the exterior. We will be working in April before the leaves are fully out on the trees so our sight lines at these locations should be excellent.

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Spirit of Structure: Birthplace of the Erie Canal, Rome NY

May 2 – 7, 2015 Rome, NY Class Size: 15 Instructors: Tillman Crane and Dennis Stierer Tuition: $1500 Register by downloading our Workshop Application (PDF) or contact us.

This is the fourth workshop along the Erie Canal and we will be working in the area where digging began on the original canal in 1817, almost 200 years ago! First known as Clinton’s Folly or Clinton’s ditch, the Canal paid its debts and began paying profits to its investors in a shorter time than thought possible. As we approach the bi-centennial of the Erie Canal we will once again be chasing the remains of the original canal and examining the working modern canal. We will work along the canal during the first week it opens for the season. Spring will be in the air, the canal will be welcoming its first boats and we will be there to photograph the events.

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Sixth Annual Photographers’ Retreat

May 8 – 10, 2015 NEW Location: Rome, NY All photographers welcome! No fee to attend. Participants responsible for transportation, food, and lodging. To attend, simply make a hotel reservation for either the The Beeches Inn and Conference Center or another place of your choosing, and contact Andy Schmitt (aandy42@gmail.com) and let him know you will be attending so we know what size meeting room we will need and Saturday night's dinner reservation number (if you wish to participate).

What is the Photographers’ Retreat? This retreat is an opportunity for photographers to meet together over an unstructured weekend to talk, share work, see what others are doing, make new photographs, and in general, “hang out” with people who speak the same language as you. How does it differ from a workshop or conference? There are no agendas, lectures or classroom teachers. At this retreat we all get to be students and we can all be teachers. This is an informal gathering and you may attend all or part of the weekend. There is no registration charge. 

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Extraordinary Images in Ordinary Places

June 21 – 26, 2015 Santa Fe, NM Register at The Santa Fe Workshops

August 2 – 8, 2015 Rockport, ME Class Size: 14 Tuition: $1095 Register at Maine Media Workshops

Great images are made from great seeing and the best news is that you can train yourself to see well. Seeing well photographically requires practice. It is not enough to “point and shoot” or “spray and pray”. What you hold in your hands is not nearly as important as what goes on between your ears and behind your eyes. Learning the basic concepts for a good photograph will give you a strong foundation for all future work. Therefore this class will cover five basic concepts for a good photography: defining your subject; shutters, lenses and f-stops (the “why, when and how”); light (quality and quantity); advantageous use of the frame; and format (seeing the world in different shape).

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Platinum Printing in the 21st Century

Camden, ME Private, Semi-Private Tuition: 2-day: $1500, 3-day: $2250 Register by downloading our Workshop Application (PDF) or contact us

Any photographer, working in any format, film-based or digital, can make platinum prints today. Platinum prints, also known as platinum/palladium or platinotypes, are made by a popular photographic process of the late 1800’s. Known for their beauty, archival stability and unique, one-of-a-kind print statement, an interest in this alternative process has taken hold, even as digital advancements have exploded in recent years. Platinum prints have a different “look” from silver gelatin or digital prints. All platinum prints have a matte, not glossy, surface because the emulsion is absorbed rather than sitting on the surface of the paper. A platinum print has a more gradual tonal change from black to white. To the eye accustomed to the punch of a silver gelatin print, a platinum print will often feel “softer” or lower in contrast. In reality, there are actually more steps between pure black and pure white in platinum prints and this contributes to the deeper, richer feeling you experience when looking at these prints.

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Possible 2016 Workshops

Spirit of Structure: Abandoned Farms of North Dakota (2016)

This workshop is not being offered in 2015. It will be offered again, tentatively in 2016. Dates will be announced Fall 2015.

Welcome to the unique opportunity to photograph in isolated, abandoned farmhouses and nearly deserted towns in north central North Dakota. Conditions of the structures range from windowless shells to intact buildings containing personal belongings of the long gone occupants. Despite the perception that photographing buildings falls under the genre of “architectural” photography these structures also provide rich possiblities for photographers with still life, portrait, abstract, and landscape interests.

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Spirit of Structure: Ghost Towns of Western Montana

This workshop is not being offered in 2015. It will be offered again, tentatively in 2016. Dates will be announced Fall 2015.

Imagine photographing the streets of a classic western ghost town as well as an old mining community – both in the same week! Gold was discovered in 1862 in Bannack, Montana’s first territorial capital, and by 1863 approximately 3000 people called it home. As a state park it is an intact, high plains western town containing nineteen buildings, including a saloon, school, Masonic Hall, two hotels, a jail and variety of other businesses and homes. Garnet, located today on BLM land and maintained by the Garnet Historic Association, was settled three decades later by the miners and their families working for the mining companies. By then industrial equipment was being used to dig out the hard-rock mines. In its heyday over 1000 people lived in this high mountain area in the Garnet Mountain range. Many of the original buildings are still intact, although to a lesser degree than the ghost town of Bannack. Our third location, Nevada City, is an actively maintained, repaired and staged collection of buildings brought to this location from all over Montana by the Montana Heritage Commission.

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Spirit of Structure: Orkney Islands, Scotland

This workshop is not being offered in 2015. It will be offered again, tentatively in 2016. Dates will be announced Fall 2015.

Experience the magic of the Orkney islands! There is something to interest every artist with more than 5000 years of human history, culture and architecture, as well as its beautiful sparse landscape. From the Neolithic village of Skara Brae to the 850-year-old Norse St Magnus Cathedral, this World Heritage Site ensures you will experience a history on par with Stonehenge and the Great Wall of China.

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For further information email us or call (207) 230-0199.

If you do not see the perfect workshop for you listed above, please contact me for information on individual or group tutorials. I can work with you here in Maine, in your own home darkroom/studio or at a location of your choice. Private tutorials can be set up by day, weekend or week. Email us for further details.