Guilin Photography Workshop

Guilin Photography Workshop

October 28 – November 9, 2018 Guilin, China Tuition: $2950 (double occupancy), $3480 (single occupancy) Register

Photography is an art form that preserves the world we see through our own personal lens, forever. It is a medium through which we can share our life experience, and with tremendous advances in communication technology less than a decade old, we can share these moments practically in real time, worldwide.

But what makes a powerful image? How can we elicit deep human emotion through a single photograph, especially in today’s high paced, short-attention-span world?

An eye for light, color, framing, vantage point, depth of field, content, context, and more can be learned. And it can be mastered — like all disciplines in this world — with sustained focus and deliberate practice.

We welcome you to join CLI and our 2018 visiting photography instructor, Tillman Crane, for an unforgettable journey into the little known and even less understood world of Guilin, China — one of the most beautiful and enchanting destinations on earth.

During this fall’s photography workshop, you will learn to see the world through a photographer’s eyes, and will study how to utilize a range of techniques to transfer your unique vision into a timeless art form.

The Guilin Photography Workshop provides a unique opportunity to combine the study of photography with Chinese language coursework. Participants will settle in Guilin for two weeks and take part in two separate overnight excursions: to the Longsheng Rice Terraces, a breathtaking expanse of rice terraces crafted over the course of 500 years, and to Yangshuo, an ancient fishing village and the heart of Guilin’s karst landscape.