Orkney Portfolio

This past summer I spent a month in Orkney with two workshop groups and some time photographing on my own. It was wonderful to return and visit friends and familiar places. Working with both larger format and digital I revisualized many familiar locations, seeing them anew, and hopefully finding something new and fresh to see in them. My favorite among the group is the drying fish in Kirbuster Farm Museum. I have seen fish drying in both farm museums but was never able to make an image that fully satisfied me. On this Saturday after the workshop was over I returned to make another image but found the shelf behind the fire pit fairly empty and by adding a white bowl was able to make the I had known was there. The smoke coming from the peat fire and the smoke back lit by the sky light combined to pull the image together for me. In addition this year we were able to photograph at the WWII aerodrome at Twatt Airbase, in Ness Battery, as well as visiting St. Magus Cathedral, Rousay, and Happy Valley. It was great to return to Orkney during the warmest June in 40 years.

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