North Dakota Portfolio

New work in North Dakota is hard for me to do. I have seen so much of Dan Smith’s work from the area, and workshop students over the years have made so much great work that it is hard for me to figure out my voice and vision. This year much like my work in Alabama I concentrated on details that try to tell the larger story. Reflections in windows, parts of stoves, books left on chairs, and the glare off broken glass all speak to me of what once was and is no more. Working in North Dakota brings up a mixture of emotions. On one hand these houses, some of them once grand are empty and decaying and on the other the surrounding community is very prosperous. It is not as if this area has been left for “greener pastures” but instead these building have simply been left because it was too expensive or too emotionally draining to tear them down. They do become backdrops for a wide variety of personal visions and insights. Some photographers chase ghosts and make autobiographical images, others find beauty in the decay, some find the reflections of times gone past, and others love the light brought into the house by large windows caressing everything it touches. That is wonder of making photographs in Rugby, North Dakota, everybody’s vision is their own.

The next North Dakota workshop will be in 2016.

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