Montana Portfolio

Montana, especially the ghost towns, continues to intrigue me and pull me west. Last year I was able to add Nevada City to the list of places where I and the workshop group were able to work. I worked there both before and during the workshop. I also returned to Bannack and to Garnet ghost towns to continue my exploration of these locations. Bannack was nearly destroyed by a flash flood in the summer of 2013 but by the time of the workshop they were able to reopen the town to visitors and the damage had been fixed. The State of Montana deserves a huge round of applause for its interest and determination to repair a treasure like Bannack. Again I was working both digitally and with my view cameras. As always light and shadow play an important role in my work as does the use of soft focus lenses in an effort to create a sense of making a memory visible. The next Montana Workshop will be in 2016.

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