Montana Portfolio

On my first trip to western Montana in 2011 I was introduced to the preserved ghost towns of Bannack and Garnet and the Old Prison at Deer Lodge. Gold was discovered in 1862 in Bannack, Montana’s first territorial capital, and approximately 3000 people called it home by 1863. It is an intact, high plains western town containing nineteen buildings, including a saloon, school, Masonic Hall, two hotels, jail and variety of other businesses and houses. Garnet was settled three decades later by miners and their families who worked for the mining companies using industrial equipment to dig out the hard-rock mines. In its heyday over 1000 people lived in this high mountain area in the Garnet Mountain range. Many of the original buildings are still intact, although to a lesser degree than the ghost town of Bannack. Bannack is protected by the state of Montana as a state park and Garnet is under conservation by the National Forest Service.

This area feeds not only my love for photographing manmade environments but also these buildings are protected by organizations that welcome photographers, even those working with large format cameras and tripods.

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