Maine Portfolio

Maine is my home. It is where I live and where I am renewed. It is also where people come from all over the world to photograph due to its beauty as well as being the home of the Maine Media Workshops. Consequently, an untold number of Maine images, good, bad and indifferent, have been created, circulated, and sold. Several years ago I set out to photograph the Maine I know and love, the atmosphere, the quirky places and the beautiful light that we are blessed with in this latitude. I will continue this project, seeking something different in the everyday familiar, because there is still so much I don’t see.

Much of the Maine work is also included in the Soft Focus and the 5x12 portfolios.

Platinum Prints (unmatted, unframed)

5x7 $500
5x12, 8x10 $1000
11x14 $2000
8x20 $2500
12x20 $3500
16x20 $4500

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