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Erie Portfolio

This Erie Canal Portfolio is different from past Erie Canal Portfolios. All of the images in this group were shot digitally over several trips to various places along the canal region. Dennis Stierer and I were invited to come along on the annual lock inspection tour last September and October. Then Dennis and I returned to the Oswego Canal and the area around locks 23 and 24 in the middle of the winter. Thru this portfolio I continue to look at the canal structures, as well as the boats on the canal and details in and around the canal. This is an ongoing project that I have been working on for several years and this is the latest instillation. In image 13 Dennis and are below the water level in a dry lock where they are doing maintenance. It was visually interesting to be at or below the level of the lock gates looking up, a view not seen by many. In another image I love the way the small canal boat looks sitting in its winter cradle, it looks like some sort of huge spider. In addition to working digitally on these trips I also used my 5x7, 8x10 and 5x12. Many of those images have been processed and will be exhibited in next years gallery show. Sometime I shot from the same location with both digital and analogue cameras and others simply worked with one system or the other.