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Erie Portfolio

Before 2008 the only thing I knew about the Erie Canal was the old song with the phrase “Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal”. I often passed sections of the canal when driving the New York State Throughway (I-87) on my way to Utah and one trip I spent a little time exploring. My love of history and fascination with manmade structures made this short foray worthwhile but when I saw the remains of original locks as well as working locks in Lockport, I was hooked. Dennis Stierer, once my student, became my guide and we’ve photographed along almost the entire Erie and Champlain Canals during the past five years.

If you are interested in the landscape of the Mohawk and Hudson River Valleys, remains of historic structures, or in the 20th century Barge Canal (which replaced the original canal and follows much of the same route), or just want to celebrate one of America’s great engineering feats join us for the workshop covering the Eastern end of the Canal in the spring of 2013.