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Alabama Portfolio

Do you really trust your memory? Are you sure what is memory and what is imagined? Returning to my hometown and the area where I grew up brings back many memories, raises many questions, and is very challenging for me as an artist. Venturing to a new location, trying see for the first time with fresh eyes and very few if any preconceptions. But returning to my roots so to speak requires me to try to see a new, see the familiar with new eyes. Returning to my hometown to photograph challenges the idea of what is known, understood, and even seen. It requires me to re think what I am seeing. In this portfolio I am looking at pieces of things, parts of the whole trying to figure out the story from the details.

These images were created over the past year at the Sloss Furnace, and in various locations around my hometown Decatur. The beauty of photography is that several people can be in the same location and yet see completely different things, feel completely different emotions standing in the same location. These are some of the details I saw while working in Alabama. The play of light and shadow is obviously important. I responded to bright reflective surfaces surrounded by deep shadows. Much was shot with a soft focus lens and almost all of it was shot with a lens with a focal length slightly longer than normal. I worked all of these locations with all lenses from a variety of vantage points and during the editing process these 20 images pulled my eye, kept my attention, and had an emotional pull for me. Perhaps it is what is illuminated by the light and hidden by the shadows that relates to my history. Seeing and understanding what is illuminated but not knowing what is in the shadows. I think all of us have the se bright spots and shadows in our history.