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North Dakota Portfolio 2016

Nature wins. I have visited many of these abandoned farmhouses and barns for nearly a decade. Some of my favorite locations no longer exist, removed by families, burned down by arsonists or taken down by nature. Once a hole begins in the roof the decline is rapid. Yet even after the roof gives way the walls can remain standing for trees to grow in through windows, roots to upend foundations and walls to take on a decidedly Dali-esk look. The twists and angles of walls defy gravity, a long defunct piano is held up from the cellar by a trampoline-like floor and a long forgotten motor court hidden in the grasses at the edge of a field show defiance to the force but nature is winning. The windbreak of trees, planted when the sod was first broken has outlived the generations of families that once lived on this land.

I find great beauty in these sparse groves of trees, the light streaming through broken windows, and the remains of once sturdy homes that stand sentinel in the vast landscape.

The next Abandoned Farms of North Dakota workshop will be held August 20-25, 2017. For more information check here.