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Guilin Portfolio 2016

I spent five weeks last summer in Guilin as a student at the Chinese Language Institute. Considered by the Chinese to be the most beautiful place in the country, Guilin sits alongside the Li River and is surrounded by rounded karst mountains. It is both an old historic city as well as a modern one of slightly less than one million people.

I went to study the language and culture in order to have a better understanding of China and it was a total immersion experience. One of the hardest things I have ever done as a student, I was challenged in every possible way. To relieve some of the stress I began to photograph the life of the neighborhood while walking to get breakfast and dinner with Wolfgang, a fellow student and friend. When walking alone I was forced to use my child-like vocabulary to purchase water, food, shampoo and candy. Soon I was taking study breaks with my tutor to visit parks and scenic areas around Guilin. These walks and the school field trips became my lifeline. Out of necessity I became a street photographer, photographing the daily ebb and flow of life around me. It was absolutely fascinating.

In October 2017 I am leading a workshop back to Guilin. The weather should be better (less hot and humid) and we will concentrate on making images rather than learning the language. We will visit Da Xu, the Longsheng Rice Terraces and spend time exploring Guilin. I am working with CLI to set up and run this workshop. If these images interest you, I invite you to join me on this great adventure!