Collectors Print Special August 2017

The images in the 2017 Collectors Print Specials are selected from my Olson House portfolio. Andrew Wyeth documented life on this isolated, saltwater farm. He painted Christina, Alvaro and their home as symbols of Maine. I photograph the Olson House because of the light pouring in from the oversized windows, bouncing off the hard surfaces of the rooms. Without the life and vitality of the Olsons, the house lost its appeal for Wyeth and he searched for new inspiration. For me, the inspiration continues as the spectral presence of the past weaves in and out of the light. Different artists… different muses.

The Olson House was gifted to the Farnsworth Museum in 1991. The contents of the house had been removed, including the stove, and the house stood worn and silent. I made Kitchen Doors, Olson House, Cushing, ME, (Structure, Pl. 34) in 1992. It was a very cold, clear winter day. The light from the window cast this beautiful shadow of the dried hanging plant in the window but I was as intrigued by the label left hanging from an old picture hook.

All Collectors Print Specials are approximately 5” x7” platinum prints, in editions of 25. The special price of $225.00 is available ONLY during the month of offer and reflects a 45% savings. (Full retail pricing of $500.00 + shipping reinstates on the first day of the following month.) Shipping costs within the continental U.S. is included but prorated to other locations and ME sales tax applies for ME residents. Your print arrives signed, numbered and un-matted – within 30 days of the end of this offer. The last Collectors Print Special for 2017 will be available in November.

A bonus 5thimage is yours when you purchase all four images in this year’s collection. You can order all four images in this series when you order the February print special. We can keep a credit card number on file for the year or you can be invoiced and pay by check. Prints will be sent individually each quarter.

 Please return the order form to me by August 30, 2017 to reserve your copy of this month’s Collectors Print Special (XXXI). Thank you for your order!

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